Tying Shoes

After much begging and pleading from my 6 year old, Mommy finally gave in… I bought him a pair of shoes with ::gasp:: laces instead of velcro!  I told him he would not be allowed to wear them until he learned how to tie his shoes – and without tears.

I tried to teach him how to tie his shoes when he was in Kindergarten and after much frustration on both ends, we gave up pretty quickly.  That’s when I decided he would be wearing velcro until he hit high school.  The bunny ears just were not working with his little uncoordinated fingers.

I recently ran across this video and shared it on our Facebook page.  Amazing.  Forget bunny ears, this is so much easier!  James watched the video with me and that’s when I first heard the dreaded, “I want shoes with laceeeeesssssss.”

I thought that he had possibly forgotten about that video when we went shoe shopping for new school shoes, but boy was I wrong!  We immediately saw two identical shoes, one with velcro and one with laces and he was dead set on the one with laces.  Great.

When we got home with our new shoes (with laces) I pulled up the above video.  We watched it once, I tried it once, and then it was his turn.  I kid you KNOT (get it?) James learned how to tie his shoes in 15 minutes!  He practiced a few times and then made his own tutorial to show you and your kids!  Enjoy!

UPDATE 8/30 – The video is not uploading properly, so to view it, please click here!

For your older child, if he or she is interested in learning new knots, check out this website, shared by one of our fellow Mommy Teachers on our Facebook page.

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