Wants Vs. Needs Activity – An Absolute NEED Around The Holidays

“I want,” “I want,” “I want.”

Does anyone else spend a lot of their days teaching their kids to start sentences with “May I please have?”

This holiday season I want to be proactive and talk about the difference between a “want” and a “need.”  I want Sean Patrick to begin to learn that needs come first and then anything else (that we might like) is a gift that is not a guarantee.  Hmmm… we use I want a lot too come to think of it.

So, Today we talked about money.  How daddy goes to work to earn money and we can save the money, use the money for things we need, share the money, and then spend the money on things that we decide on (together as a family).

I showed Sean Patrick the first page of the printable and we talked about it (using simplified language).

wants vs needs with trademark.003

Next, we talked about the next page of the printable.

wants vs needs with trademark.001

Then, we used magazines to cut out pictures of things that we need every day and glued them on the side of the third page of the printable under the jar that says “need.”

Cutting Magazine

Finally, we cut out pictures of things that we want but we will talk about and think about for a couple days before we put it on our list to Santa.

SP glueing

Here is what our finished product looked like:

wants vs needs activity





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