Weekend Project

Reading phones are one of the new(er) classroom trends, but for good reason:

Children can practice reading (or reading strategies) independently when you give them a tool that allows them to hear themselves more clearly.  When I teach little ones to read they LOVE to use these phones.  I usually incorporate them when I have already introduced the book, walked through it once with them, and then allow them to read it by themselves.

This is the best time for the little one to practice his/her fluency, articulation, and reading strategies using the phones.

Maybe your little one isn’t “reading” yet….then use this phone to help them practice their sounds, rhyming, or alphabet.  This phone can also be great for tackling speech issues…. http://www.mommyspeechtherapy.com has great ideas and tools to help if that is the case.

You can make these reading phones for cheap!  This can be your weekend project.  Get a Daddy Teacher, neighbor, or your handy tools to help you cut one piece of PVC Pipe just two inches long and attach two 90 degree PVC elbows to make a child-size phone 🙂

Or, you can cut corners and buy one:

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