When You Don’t Have Time For Gift Tags

I love labels. I have a pack of multi-purpose labels (sheet of 30) that are 2 5/8″ x 1″ that I use for a lot of things.

Christmas Colored Labels

I use them to print addresses so that I can quickly peel and stick before sending out Christmas cards.

I use them to label my kid’s stuff (like school supplies).

I will now use them in place of gift tags because I can either pre-make them with a little cute “To:” or “From” by editing my PDF and inserting a text box OR I can simply write my little message on the labels.

Every printer is different so it may take a second to make sure these line up properly. I think I choose “Fit” and “Borderless.”

Another reason this is my printable today is because your child can write on these and it’s okay if he/she messes up a few times to get it right.

These could also  be the perfect way to give classmates or neighbors gifts.  Stick a little label that says “Stay warm, but stay cool” on the outside of a box of hot chocolate.  Or, stick one that says “I just popped in to say Merry Christmas” on a package of Pop Corn.

You get the idea.  Enjoy!

This printable is included in my membership but I sell it for just 50 cents HERE if you would rather.

This printable is on my “Seasonal Printables” Page under the members page.

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