Elf on the Shelf: We’re 1/2 Way There!

Anyone else regretting pulling your elf out of the attic on December 1st this year?  I think writing this blog is definitely holding me accountable for actually moving my elf, but lemme tell ya, it’s hard work to think of new ideas at 11pm when my husband and I jump up and realize we haven’t moved “Captain.”  Kinda wish that sneaky elf actually did have magical powers so we can be lazy and say, “No, no, Captain… you need to add more marshmallows to your snow scene!” or “C’mon… couldn’t you have brought REAL snow from the North Pole? Ya gotta make them BELIEVE!”

However, adding Bible verses and a lesson behind the elf’s shenanigans has made this an amazing experience for me and the kids.  Don’t get me wrong, they don’t always sit still and listen to the Bible verse when I’m reading it, or immediately make the connection between the scene and the verse without me having to explain it 10 different ways.

But you know what?  Every day I am feeding the kids the Truth (yes, through an imaginary, magical elf, ironically)!  And they hear… oh, they hear… and they see… and when they hear and they see, they imitate.  So as annoying as this little elf has been and as my husband and I simultaneously yell, “NOT IT!” each night, every morning the kids are jumping up and down, asking me to grab my Bible so we can finish hearing our elf’s message to us.

And each morning our message begins like this… “I am holding the Bible, and these words in the Bible are the Truth, and so let’s hear about that truth…”
















So I have been seeing some pretty amazing elf shenanigans on Facebook and asked you to share!  So to all of you who shared, thank you!  And here they are below, in no particular order…


1.  “Pabon” (meaning “No good” in Cajun French) grabbed Ken’s tux and asked if he could be a groomsman in big Sissy’s wedding!

2.  “Elfie” is quite the romantic, taking Barbie out on a date for some sweets… candelabra and all!

3.  “Boudin the Elf” fell off the shelf!  Get well soon, Boudin!

4.  This elf is “Happy! Happy! Happy!” QUACK!

5.  “Emma the Elf” stole Ava’s potty candy!

6.  It’ll be hard to make it back to the North Pole tonight unless “Elfie Lou Lou” finds the key real soon!

7.  A bubble bath and catching up on celebrity gossip?  Yes, please!

8.  Here’s one Elf that gets jealous of other mythical creatures… he’s donning fairy wings, a tutu, tiara and surprised a toothless Cohen with some extra money in the morning!


9.  Presenting… “Elfie Lou Lou” on the flying trapeze!

10.  “Houston, we have an Elf.”  “Eli” has just landed in Colton’s home from the North Pole!

11.  The Pre-K-2nd graders on bus #42 were amazed to find a new passenger hanging from the emergency exit!  They were even more surprised to each receive letters from Santa Clause, hand-delivered from “Snowflake the Elf!”

12.  “Elfie” and “Elfette” are quite the artists!  And what neat handwriting they have!

13.  The Little Gym of Lafayette’s “Tumblina” made her appearance by slinky jumping her way into gymnastics classes!

14.  With a little elf magic (and a lot of sugar), “Elfie” can turn peppermints into candy canes over night!

15.  Cereal and milk, curled up in a blanket, watching Frosty on the flat screen… this.is.the.life.

Keep sharing your Elf on the Shelf ideas on Facebook!!!

Oh, and P.S. Here are some other great resources for Elf ideas!

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So, set your alarms for about 30 minutes to an hour after the kids go to bed and pull up one of these sites if you are stuck with ideas!


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