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Turkey Day Eve – 2010 Repeat

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is when my cousins and I would gather together to make crafts that my Aunt had prepared in advance.  So, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to make a Thanksgiving-themed activity.

As I talked about in my post “Number Sense,” children need to learn that a number is a symbol that represents a quantity.  Counting slowly, touching one object at a time, is one way to start.  Drawing ojects one object at a time is the next step to practice representing a number.  After your child is exposed to counting through hands-on activities over a period of time, they will start to be able to recognize a group of 3 objects as 3 objects without even needing to count.  So, today’s activity is:

1) Print the turkeys Numbered Turkeys

2) Cut out the turkeys; let your child assist you, teaching him/her how to hold the scissors and take small “bites” carefully.

3) Encourage your child to identify the number on the turkey and draw that many tailfeathers on the tukey’s bottom, making it as colorful or simple as they like using crayons, markers, or even paint (with fingers or brush) if you want to make it more of a craft.

4) As always, have fun!

Number Sense

In my last Math post “Number Fun” I talked about some of the attributes of numbers that children need to learn. I mentioned that children need to learn that each number has a quantity; most children can count to a number but have no idea what the number represents.

When we think of a number, we can picture the number itself in our minds, we can picture where the number stands on a number line, what numbers are greater or smaller than the number, and we can picture all the different ways that number amount could be rearranged spatially. It takes a lot of repetition and hands-on experience to store a repertoire of number concepts into a memory. So get busy!!!!

If your child still doesn’t know their number names “1, 2, 3 4….”, up to 10, out of order, then they may not be ready to learn the number amount yet. Master the basics first.

Here is a number activity for your child to practice counting one object at a time in a set group of objects and identify the number they counted. Ask them to count each group of objects and find the number to draw a line from the amount to the number.

Number Sense – Matching

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