A Book of Laughs

One day I spent an entire day with my niece making up knock knock jokes with her.  We took turns being as silly as possible.  All of my jokes were reminders that I was her favorite aunt:

Knock knock (who’s there) aunt jessie (aunt jessie who?)  aunt jessie your favorite aunt!  and then i did the same thing about another aunt and it was her “second favorite aunt” in front of that sister haha.

But Kaylee’s jokes were actually pretty creative and it makes me a little bummed that I didn’t write them down.

If I could do that again with her, I would write down each joke on a different page and turn it into “Kaylee’s Joke Book” for her to read and to have as a keepsake.  I would have her illustrate the pages and date it so that she could look back and remember how old she was when she came up with those jokes.

This sounds like a simple idea, but book-making is one of the best ways for children to learn and become familiar with concepts of print.


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