Casey’s Activity Sheet Organization

Casey and I think a lot alike as you might have already noticed, so I just have to share her examples of collecting her little one’s work:

Don’t you love how clearly labeled this is? She’ll actually be able to remember which year AND grade that the recording sheets were collected… and she will actually be able to see his growth over the course of the year.


Casey said that James helped her create this page in a word document (“meaning that is took forever” -in her words).  But he chose to have the numbers and letters and chose the wordart colors and graphics too.

**The neat thing about the awesome mommy teacher that Casey is, is that this binder wont just be valuable to Casey, it will be valuable to James as well because he HELPED make it, AND it is a collection of his work to be proud of.**


Here you might notice that the dividers she chose are: Readiness skills, Writing, and ABC-123 which are perfectly appropriate divider titles for organizing Pre-K artifacts 🙂


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