Christmas Memory Game {Freebie}

When I sit down at night to plan for the next day, I think about what would be a great activity for Sean Patrick.  Last night as I was brainstorming, I realized that we haven’t played memory in a while.

But, I also wanted to make a memory game that the incentive for winning was not just pride.

So, each time a player makes a match they collect a snow card.

The player with the most snow gets to “shovel” the cards and set up the next game.

christmas memory game 600 x 400.002

If you have any other ideas for winners of board games please share them in a comment!

For this memory game, nine matches can be made. There are numbers and words on the cards to reinforce number recognition and reading skills too!

(To make setting up the game easier draw a game-board with 18 rectangles for the kids to play the cards face down on).

The other extra page is a blank template if you want to extend this game by having the students cut up magazines to make their own matching game.

I will add pictures or a video of Sean Patrick and I playing this later but for now…

Here is your Game Printable!  Click here!

Or, if you have a TeacherPayTeachers account, click here, and follow me too please. 🙂

I recommend printing this game onto card stock so that you can’t see through.

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