Formation Fun with CARS

When I was chatting with my friend about her 3 year old, very active little boy, she told me how hard it can be to sit him down with a writing utensil of any kind.  She often does other tactile (syn. tangible) means of getting him to write like writing in shaving cream or rice, but when I suggested “highway letters” – writing with cars, she printed them right away knowing that he would love this activity! So, here is a link to the Highway Letters  from and this is how I suggest using them:

1)      Print each letter onto cardstock (bought almost anywhere paper is sold…walmart, hobby lobby, etc)

2)      Place them (back to back) in sheet protectors.

3)      Focus on a few letters at a time.

4)      Give them 5 minutes to free play with them first so they get their excitement out.

5)      Show your child how to drive the car along the “A” to make the right formation.  Teach them to “stay on the road”.

6)      Drive the car with your child “Let’s try it together” by holding his/her hand while you do it.

7)      Let your child drive without your help.

For more activity ideas that go along with these letters Click Here!

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