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Hi Mommy Teachers! It’s Casey, a fellow mommy teacher, stopping by from Kidspired Creations! I am a stay-at-home mommy and I run a kids room decor business on the side. Before I was a mommy, I was a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher, so Jessica and I always love to chat about teaching tools and activities.

I texted Jessica earlier about this super AWESOME find that I got from Wal-Mart for $9.95 today! I could not WAIT to share it with her… and now you!

Crayola Dry Erase Poster Set

This poster sticks to the wall and is easily removable AND reusable! Trust me, I’ve already had to stick and restick it a few times because I didn’t like where I put it. Printed on it are 10 writing lines (two solid lines with the dashed line in the middle) which is how kids learn to write straight, even, upper and lowercase letters.

It comes with 3 dry erase Crayola crayons which are fat and easy for James’ little uncoordinated fingers to use. A wet wipe easily erases everything (I’m sure you can use a dry paper towel as well, but I was lazy and the wet wipes were right there). Though James hasn’t written on the wall YET, I still have my Magic Eraser on standby for when the time comes.

James is a beginning writer so it is really important for me to start off teaching him to write simple straight lines and diagonal lines. After he masters those, he will also work on circles, squiggly and zig zag lines, both from the top solid line to the bottom solid line, and then from the middle dashed line to the bottom solid line. It is also important for your child to get in the habit of starting at the top and working down, and starting on the left and working right… left to right, top to bottom… that’s how we read and write and now’s the age for them to have that knowledge!
James was having a hard time understanding the concept of writing between the lines, so we played connect the dots. I drew two dots and he had to connect them to make the diagonal line… always starting at the top dot, of course.
My goal is for my husband or me to write a letter on the poster for James to read each morning when he wakes up and then eventually, he can do a journal every day like Jessica talked about in her last post. James especially dislikes writing on paper, but really enjoys writing on his new board with crayons! Let’s hope it lasts! Mommy is at least having fun with it…  Especially since the crayon even wipes off the wall using a wet wipe!

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