Magna Doodles of Fun

I usually like to write about activities that you can make using household materials and if household materials are only part of the material list then I usually like to suggest very cost-efficient means of getting the materials you need, but I LOVE writing tools like this one from lakeshore learning:

The magna doodle is $8.95….it’s the practice cards that get pricey, but there are so many different skill sets that you can accomodate to your little learner and just buy the practice cards that would be great skills for your little one to work on.  And you don’t HAVE to buy the practice cards, you could always print activity sheets similar to the ones you like onto laminate paper and rig them onto the magna doodle 🙂

HERE is where you can purchase the lakeshore magna doodles and alphabet practice cards; simply search the site for the other skill set practice cards.

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