Meaningful Word Cards

Going through old pictures reminds me of so many activities I love. Not every idea has to be an original, especially since there are so many great activities out there. But I still don’t think anyone should waste their time searching the world-wide web for activities to maximize your time with your child, when searching the web usually minimizes your valuable time. One thing that I have seen in just about every classroom that I think would be beneficial at home is a little list of seasonal or themed words. So, if your little one is really into colors then you might make a “color words” poster/book. So here is ONE way to help them transition into a new season (Spring):

1. First, Check out some Books from the Children’s section at the Library on Spring like: (Read about a list of books HERE) and talk about things outside that change as the weather starts to warm up (time to plant flowers, birds are flying all about, a lot of pretty and windy days for kite-flying, etc.)

2. Use the Shared Writing technique to write down some of the Spring Words your child comes up with “What are some words that make you think of Spring time?” *If you want to use sentence strips you can buy them online or even at Dollar Tree.

3. Have your child decorate the word cards – drawing a picture that describes the word!

4. Display these words in a fun and meaningful way. 

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