Pop Up Books

I went to a little one’s birthday party this weekend and I bought her a gift that I would want to do with my kids….a Pop Up Book gift set.
This one actually:

And then I went browsing around on the internet and there were instructions to making your own pop up books as well as alphabet pop up books, and I loved this one:

The template is here: http://www.fonts4teachers.com/Pop_up_Alphabet_p/new_pop-up_alphabet.htm

But, I thought that if I were to make it myself I would just print the block letters onto cardstock, cut them out, and glue them onto a thin rectangular slice of paper that was folded back and forth over and over again and glue the other end to a book page.  Like this:

And then, OF COURSE you need to decorate it with apples, alligators and all the /a/ sound pictures 🙂

I am all about simplicity and I think your little ones will like it all the same.  Just give him/her stickers, markers, and a whole lots of crafty stuff to decorate.

You could make a numbers pop up book, a shape pop up book, and more.

Here are some templates for ABC and 123 and change the print settings to “multiple pages per sheet” to save paper:

Alphabet Color Font PDF

Numbers Color Font PDF

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